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  • The Elsik Counseling staff cares about our students. We're here to help with academic and personal problems. In addition to handling class schedules and transcripts, we are certified and trained to handle a wide variety of personal concerns. Feel free to make an appointment to see your counselor so we can devote our full attention to your needs.

    How do you see your Counselor?

    If you would like to visit with your counselor, you can stop by their respective offices at the following times:

    * Before school (starting at 7:00 am)
    * During lunches
    * After school (until 3:00 pm)

    You may also fill out the "Request to See Counselor" form that is available in the Central Suite (downstairs by central stairs) front office.

    What can my Counselor do for me?

    Your counselor can help when you need to know about:

    Graduation Plan
    SOAR program
    Night School
    Your counselor can also help when you need someone to talk to and listen about anything that you may need support in (ie. divorce/separation, grief, peers and family conflicts, personal problems, etc.)



    9th - 12th A - Cak Konnie Tran 26346 Upstairs North
    9th - 12th Cal - Frz Ashton McKnight 26123 North Bus Drive
    9th - 12th Fsa - Jam Kimberly Ethridge 26191 South Bus Drive
    9th - 12th Jan - Mok Amber Winchester 26587 C Building
    9th - 12th Mol - Piz Michelle Hamilton 26287 Upstairs South
    9th - 12th Pja - Shz Jennifer Stroud 26388 Upstairs Central
    9th - 12th Sia - Z Wanda Roe 26107 Downstairs Central

    Accountability/Lead Counselor/
    Off Cohort Students

      Mahasin Bell 26114
    Downstairs Central