The first day of December 1955, began like any other day. But the trajectory of history would change that morning on a bus when Rosa Parks decided to end nearly 42 years of personal oppression by refusing to give up her rightful seat to a white passenger. While she was fired from her job as a result of her actions and also received some death threats, Alabama’s US District Court ruled bus segregation unconstitutional the very next year.

    Sometimes it is difficult for students to understand how some decisions that seem so simple actually can have far-reaching long-term consequences — not all of them positive — and they rely on your wisdom and experience to help them see the full picture. So keep advocating, keep pushing and keep believing in your mission. You are changing students’ lives.


    While Rosa Parks worked to build a movement toward equality, here’s a modern-day story of a girl in San Diego who is helping to build homes for those in need.


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