• Hello! We are proud to welcome you to the Horn counseling corner. Your Horn Elementary counselors are Mrs. Tamikia Reed and Ms. Sara Theiss Cruz. Horn’s elementary counseling program aims to help each child maximize their potential by teaching skills for social, emotional and personal growth. At Horn our entire staff works together every day to promote respect for self and others, good decision making skills, and personal safety and the counseling program is an integral part of this goal. We have the opportunity to see the students at Horn in a variety of different ways including small groups, classroom guidance lessons and individual sessions. Please feel free to call, send a note or make an appointment if you have any concerns about your student’s success at school.


    Classroom Guidance Lesson Topics:

    PK- Sharing

    K- Playing well with others

    1st & 2nd Grade – Words are not for hurting

    3rd and 4th Grade – Bullying


    First Round of Small Group Topics

    K- Self Esteem

    1st –Positive Decision Making

    2nd – Friendship


    4th – Understanding Self





    Positive Parenting Strategies - http://www.positiveparenting.com/

    Talking with Kids about tough issues: http://www.talkingwithkids.org/

    Stress Management - http://www.lifematters.com/index.html

    Kids Health - http://kidshealth.org/

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