• Student Textbooks


    Each classroom teacher will receive a class set of textbooks for each subject they teach. These textbooks MUST stay in the classroom. If a parent wants their child to have a set of textbooks at home – the parent must write a letter and send to the school library. A template letter is on the Budewig Web Page - click here!! (Must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the letter - click here to download)


    If textbooks are checked out and taken home – then each student and/or the student’s parent or guardian is responsible for each textbook not returned. A student who fails to return all textbooks forfeits the right to free textbooks until each textbook previously issued, but not returned, is paid for by the student, parent or guardian. If a textbook is not returned or paid for, the school may withhold the student’s records. The school may also use the services of other agencies in an effort to recover the cost of the textbooks not returned. The fees associated with the services will be added to the cost of the textbooks. Payment for textbooks must be in cash or money order. The state law requires that all textbooks be covered.