• Electronic and Entertainment Device Policy

     Cell phones, pagers, PDA’s, MP3 players, iPods, CD players and other electronic devices are a distraction to the learning environment.  As a result, the AISD has initiated a new Electronic Communication and Entertainment Device policy (ECED).

        While students may posses ECED on AISD property and sponsored activities, the policy requires that the devices must:

    • Remain turned off during the instructional hours of the school day, that period of time from arrival on campus through dismissal;
    • Remain out of sight during times of unauthorized use;
    • Not be used in an obscene, illegal, profane or threatening manner that violates another person’s privacy.

        Students who disregard this policy will have the device confiscated and turned into the Assistant Principals’ office. Confiscated devices can  be retrieved by parents or guardians who:

    • Provide a current photo identification;
    • Pay a $15.00 cash administrative fee each time a device is confiscated.

        Items will be disposed or/donated if they are not picked up by the last day of school.

        While Budewig personnel will take reasonable care to safeguard all confiscated devices, the AISD will not assume responsibility or liability for loss, damage, theft or unauthorized use of the device.

        Budewig students will receive a global warning about this policy through both visual (video announcements, posters) and written reminders (i.e.,newsletter, Student/Parent Handbook, AISD Web site).  After this initial warning, the above-mentioned policy requirements will take affect.

        Please talk to your child about this policy and help keep Budewig’s classrooms free from electronic distractions.