• Dear Parents,

    Technology is a wonderful tool at this age, our students are sometimes consumed with the use of their electronic devices; cell phones in particular.  As a result, there is often a significant amount of time spent by campus administrators investigating social media “bullying”, inappropriate pictures posted and cell phone usage during instructional time.   Although students are allowed to bring a small electronic device (cellphone, tablet, etc.) to school, they must adhere to all campus and district policies concerning their use.  We are currently re-vising the practice of allowing students to keep their cellphones on them at all times.  

    According to the Alief ISD Student Handbook Code of Conduct: 

                The use of Electronic Devices and/Technology Resources (EDTR) is strictly prohibited

                during instructional hours, defined as the period of time from arrival on campus

                through dismissal, unless the BYOD trained teacher specifically grants permission

                for instructional use within the instructional setting.  Students must adhere to all

                campus “NO Device Zones” such as bathroom, or any other designated area on

                campus… (see Alief ISD – Code of Conduct/Student Handbook for further details.) 


    To prevent the use of cellphones during non-instructional times, teachers will ask students to turn in their phones to be placed in a labeled zip-lock bag and placed in a locked cabinet.  If a student does not want to have the teacher lock up their cell phone then the student must turn it off and put it in their backpack in the closest and the teacher will lock the closet.   If/when it becomes necessary to use the device, teachers will pass out the phones and allow students to retrieve them from their backpack. However, students will not be allowed to keep their phones on them. 

    If a student uses his/her phone during non-instructional times or the phone rings (disrupting class/ instructional time), the phone will be taken and the parent will be contacted to retrieve the phone.  There is a $15.00 fine payable in cash at the time the phone is picked up from the Assistant Principals’ Secretary’s office. 

    Thank you for your understanding and support of the Alief ISD policy and Budewig’s efforts to maintain optimal learning environments in every classroom. 


    Kind Regards,

    Heather Turner,

    Budewig Intermediate