Mode of Dress Flyer


    Student Mode of Dress



    The Budewig Mode of Dress for students consists of a basic uniform that parents may purchase at the store of their choice.  The selections for the Budewig “mode of dress” are as follows:



    • Solid color polo tops (no emblems larger than a nickel)
    • Bottoms – navy or khaki
    • Students cannot wear the same colored top and bottom (e.g. navy blue top and
    • navy blue bottom)
    • No stripes, decorations or words/graphics on clothing are permitted.


    • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
    • Bottoms must be loose fitting (not baggy) and worn at the waist.  Students with sagging or tight bottoms may receive an office referral and disciplinary action.
    • Shorts, skirts and skorts are acceptable, but they must be no higher than 2” above the knee.
    • Cut-offs are not allowed; likewise, students may not roll up their uniform pants, shorts or jeans at the bottom.
    • For safety reasons, students must wear closed toe shoes that cover the entire foot including the heel (no open-toe sandals, slides, mules, flip-flops, etc.)
    • Sweaters/sweatshirts must be solid red, navy, light blue or white.  Cardigan, pullover, or V-neck styles are all acceptable if worn with an appropriate uniform shirt underneath. Jackets/windbreakers/hooded tops are not to be worn within the building and must be kept in the classroom coat cabinet during instructional time.
    • A solid white, red or blue t-shirt (with no writing) may be worn under a collared shirt.
    • No oversized clothing (i.e. outerwear) is allowed at any time. Absolutely, no sagging pants or skinny jeans allowed.
    • Students may only wear one pair of SOLID red, white, navy blue, royal blue or black socks.  Students who do not meet this expectation will be required to change into a pair of plain white socks for the day which will be provided by the school.  Female students may also wear plain footed tights in solid red, white, navy blue or black.



    Free Dress Days:

    Periodically, students will be given the opportunity to receive a free dress day as a reward for good behavior and/or reaching a specific goal.  The guidelines for free dress are as follows:

    • Student clothing must fit appropriately (not baggy or tight).  Shirts cannot be low-cut.
    • Shirts cannot have any “slogans” or “sayings” on them.  The only acceptable writing on clothing is the name of the clothing line or college/university name.
    • Students cannot wear skinny jeans, ripped/torn jeans, leggings/jeggings, tank tops or pajamas.
    • Students must wear closed toe shoes that cover the entire foot including the heel (no open-toe sandals, slides, mules, flip-flops, etc.)



    • Belts must be worn if the garment has belt loops.  Belts must be solid black or brown and leather.  Cloth belts of any color are prohibited.  They cannot be decorative (e.g. no studded, embellished or multi-colored belts).
    • A Budewig I.D. badge is to be worn at all times.  It is to be attached to a clip and worn on the shirt collar.  Failure to wear an ID is a mode of dress infraction.  No lanyards or chains are allowed unless the student has received the Honor Roll award or earned the Budewig lanyard.
    • Earring sizes are limited to no bigger than the size of a quarter coin (for girls only).  Girls cannot wear ear wraps/cuffs; dangle earrings that are longer than one inch or “spike” earrings.  Boys are not allowed to wear earrings of any kind.  This includes straw, string or any other material worn in the ear to keep the piercing open.  All other body piercings are prohibited for males and females (e.g. nose, eyebrow, lip, etc).
    • Students may not have bright hair coloring or hair pieces (e.g. red, orange, blue, purple, platinum blonde, etc.)  Headscarves and bandanas are not allowed.
    • Students are prohibited from wearing rosaries.  In addition, necklaces/house keys must be worn on in the inside of the shirt.
    • Students may only wear two (2) bracelets.  Bracelets with written phrases may be confiscated if the phrase is deemed inappropriate.  Silly bands are not allowed.
    • Distracting hairstyles are prohibited (e.g. Mohawks, long hair that covers the face, spiked hair, elaborate hair designs, words cut into the hair, etc).  This includes female students who have their hair braided into a mohawk.  School administrators make the final decision regarding whether a hairstyle is distracting. 
    • Students may not wear makeup with the exception of light-colored, translucent lip gloss for female students. 


    Failure to follow the Mode of Dress Expectations will result in consequences including, but not limited to, changing in the nurse’s office, loss of privileges, detention and in-school suspension (SAC).  Mode of dress expectations are subject to change at the discretion of school administration.