• Welcome to the Counselors Corner!

    The Counseling Department at Alief Middle School will provide all students with a comprehensive
    guidance and counseling program. Alief Middle School Professional School Counselors will work with all
    students to develop and establish social, personal, and academic goals to gain confidence in order to
    achieve personal success. We are committed to the standards set forth by effective programs (American
    School Counseling Association) and applying them in our daily operations. We strive to ensure that all
    students have the necessary academic, technical, college, career readiness, and social ‐ emotional
    knowledge and skills for school and future success.
    Alief Middle School Counselors hold a Doctor of Philosophy and/or Master’s degree in Counseling; have
    a minimum of two years teaching experience; are certified in School Counseling through the Texas
    Education Agency; and continually cultivate their skills by attending workshops, conferences, and
    completing continuing education hours. All Alief Middle School Counselors support the Alief
    Independent School Districts Mission and Goals and adhere to strict professional and legal ethics in
    standards advocated by American School Counselor Association and Texas Counseling Association.
    Purpose drives us, Passion fuels us, and Pride defines us!