Olle Middle School Dress Code

  • Olle Middle School has a standard mode of dress for all students. Students are expected to be in compliance with the mode of dress on the first day of school and thereafter. Students not in compliance will be placed in SAC (Student Assignment Center) until a parent/guardian brings a change of clothing to the school. All clothing items for school are to be the appropriate size for the students. Baggy and tight fitting clothing will not be allowed.



    • 7th grade students must wear solid grey or white shirts with no logos or writing on them.
    • 8th grade students must wear solid red or navy blue shirts with no logos or writing on them.
    • Must be polo style. No button down shirts or t-shirts.
    • Must have sleeves (long or short).
    • College Shirt - Friday
    • With temp ID’s must tuck in at all times
    • Approved spirit shirts (promoting clubs, athletics, or organizations at Olle) may be worn on Spirit Day, Monday


    Slacks, Shorts or Skirts:

    • Must be solid navy blue or khaki uniform style pants-not jean material;no trim, emblems, or designs.
    • Skirts must not be more than 2” above the knee in front and 4” above the bend in the back of the knee.
    • Must be proper waist size and worn at the waist.
    • Must be worn with a black or brown leather belt (if there are belt loops).
    • Cannot be baggy.
    • Cannot be “cut-offs”, frayed, have holes or unhemmed.
    • All pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts should be made of a cotton twill-type fabric. NO denim, jean material, corduroy, or spandex is allowed.


    Jackets & Sweatshirts:

    • Jackets and Sweatshirts must be plain without images or writing and must be grade level specific.
    • 7th Grade – White or Gray
    • 8th Grade – Navy or Red
    • Appropriate hooded sweatshirts can be purchased from the campus



    Additional dress code information is available in the student handbook.