Information for Instructional Staff approved for AISD Terminal Server Access

    Print Out for Reference


    • If you turned in and signed your Acceptable Use Policy for accessing the Remote Terminal server, you now have an account
    • In order to access the server, you will need a high-speed internet connection (dial-up is too slow for data transmission)


    1. To log in, go to the icon


                 windows icon

    2.  Search for the Remote Desktop Connection* (See Example Below)


    3.  Type in misvpn.aliefisd.net



    4.  log in demo

         District\username and your normal computer password

    1. You will see a connection window/click connect (you may get a warning message, but allow the content):


    You may also get a message to install a program to allow the Active content/and/or a gold bar across the top of the Explorer browser window to click to install it- this is safe, and must be allowed in order to access the virtual network

    1. Once you see the logon screen, log on as you would at school



    * Example




    **If you have difficulty logging on with a PC, please document your problem and contact the Technology Help Desk @281-498-8110,  X2530.  They are open 7:30-4:30 Monday through Friday.