Hi my name is Evelyn and my husband name is Juan.  We volunteer every Monday and Friday at Outley and Budewig.  It's our promise to each other and our children.  Educators have a task greater than most professions and I want them to focus on educating my kids.  Anything I can do to help out, I look at it as an honor.  We would like to extend a welcome to all new and old bulldogs.  We are in our 5th year of having an active Budewig PTO and can't wait to hit the ground running.  Last year, we were able to do so many amazing things for the staff and students at Budewig.  

    PTO's goals for the 2018-2019 school year are:

    Goal #1 To encourage a positive school climate for both staff and students.

    Goal #2 To encourage and support academic growth in all students.

    Goal #3 To enhance the educational experience for students by supporting and supplementing the needs of teachers to promote academic and enrichment activities. 

    Many people think that joining PTO is difficult and that we require a lot of time. Let me assure you it does not.  For most projects we have a team.  Budewig has about 1200 students, we are asking all parents to simply volunteer for 1 hour or 1 day.  That means, for those that can volunteer to dedicate a small nugget of time.  I have seen the impact firsthand and want everyone to experience what we do.  I know I am raising a young man that will one day be responsible for his own family.  I want him to know the importance of being involved in what is going on at school.  We have personally benefitted by knowing what is going on, effecting change that will enhance their experience, and getting a better understanding of what academic support my children need.  We make our volunteer time a family affair.  Join us in making a real difference this school year.  Ways you can help out;

    • Contribute $5 or what you can during our annual Bulldog Dues Rally
    • Volunteer when you can 
    • Sponsor a afterschool club like soccer, chess, or etc....
    • Make sure you support the programs and fundraisers
    • Come to a meeting


    You are automatically apart of the PTO, but if you would like to be an active member or simply want to offer your support.  Please feel free to sign-up here and we will contact you with more information soon.


    Thank you,


    Dedicated Volunteer and PTO Member 

     Evelyn Lara