• Car Rider Arrival

    We begin receiving students at 7:15 am.  There is no supervision before 7:15 am.

    Parents should pull up in a single line against the curb and let students out under the canopy.


    Car Rider Dismissal

    Petrosky utilizes a car rider tag system for dismissal of car rider students.

    Each family/car will be given two car rider tags with a number on it.  This tag must be displayed on your rear view mirror to pick up your child(ren) from the car rider loading zone.

    We ask that you teach your child(ren) the number. When cars pull up we will call out the number for students to load the car.

    If you do not have your car tag you will need to go inside to the reception desk to show ID and receive a special pick up slip.  You will then need to get back into your car and enter the pick up loading zone area to get your child. You will hand the yellow pick up slip to the car duty person.

    Parents may not park and walk up to get their child from the car rider area.  All car riders must be picked up throgh the car rider line.

    If parents need additional car tags beyond the first two issued there is a $2.00 fee for each additional tag. 


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