• Classes begin at 7:55 am (announcements and morning work)

    AM PreK   7:55-11:30  (all AM PreK students eat breakfast at 8:05 as part of their day, dismissal starts at 11:20 am)

    PM PreK   11:45-3:20  (arrival begins at 11:30, students are tardy at 11:46, all PM students eat lunch as part of their day)


    Block classes (p.e., music, art, health/technology, computer lab, library/counselor)

    8:50-9:35    4th grade

    9:35-10:20  3rd grade

    10:20-11:05  2nd grade

    12:05-12:50  Kindergarten

    12:50-1:35   1st grade

    1:40-3:00    PLC (grade levels attend block classes same day each week)


    Lunch is 30 minutes

    Recess is 20 minutes

    Dismissal begins at 3:10