About the COMET Program

  • COMET, which stands for Community Outreach Missions Education Team, is a free after school program in specific apartment sites for eligible Alief ISD elementary students.

    COMET is a collaborative partnership between the Alief Independent School District and area organizations, such as:

    • 5Works, Inc.
    • Alief faith-based organizations
    • Multi-family dwellings in the Alief community (apartment communities)

    Together, we provide a safe and enriching after school environment for students.

    The COMET Program engages the community in a collaborative effort to develop, implement and support a program which provides an enriching experience for Alief ISD students.

    The COMET partnership focuses on academic improvement, character development and healthy living for Alief ISD students, parents and families.

What Makes COMET a Successful Program?

  • Alief ISD’s COMET students outperform their peers in a variety of ways:

    • COMET students have a higher attendance rate.
    • They have less behavioral issues at school.
    • COMET students often see improved test scores and report card grades after participating in the program.

    The COMET Program benefits participating elementary students as well as the student's parents, the apartment communities and Alief ISD high school students.

    • Enrichment courses are provided by district-trained, approved volunteers.
    • Academic enrichment activities and homework assistance are provided by Alief ISD schools and 5Works.
    • Heads Up Houston works with COMET students to keep their minds and bodies active.
    • Parents with students in COMET receive free classes just like their children.
    • Apartment owners and managers see a lower occupant turnover rate. COMET parents are less mobile than their non-COMET neighbors, which means
    • COMET students have a stable environment to thrive in, whether it is inside or outside of the classroom.
    • Alief ISD high school students who volunteer for this program have a chance to win a scholarship for the post-secondary institution of their choice and to receive graduation cords.

Participating Apartment Sites & Schools

    • Boone Elementary - Catalina Apartments
    • Chambers Elementary - Villa Adora Apartments
    • Horn Elementary - Premier on Woodfair Apartments
    • Smith Elementary - Catalina Apartments
    • Sneed Elementary - Aberdeen Apartments

    Interested in the COMET Program but don't see your apartment listed? 
    Contact 281-498-8110, extension 29212.

High School Volunteers

    • Alief Early College High School
    • Kerr High School
    • Alief Taylor High School

    Interested in volunteering for the COMET Program but don't see your school listed?
    Contact 281-498-8110, extension 29212.