• World Students Around

    At Horn Elementary we are fortunate to have an opportunity to learn from different cultures, we have an appreciation for diversity and a thirst for learning. We currently have at our campus students from 15 different countries and 11 languages represented. We strive to meet the needs of our second language learners by providing quality instruction through a variety of programs. We have bilingual education provided through our early exit program, our ALMA dual language program, as well as our traditional ESL program.  In order to provide targeted instruction to our second language learners, all of our teachers are certified in bilingual education or ESL education. We also have on campus a second language education team which includes Mrs. Ampelia Fleming the ESL Lead teacher, Mrs. Hailey Hunt and Mrs. Salima Gheewalla the English Language Development Interventionists, Mrs. Mirthala Luevano the compliance assistant, Ms. Sandra Rivera and Litzea Guzman who are both Instructional assistants. In addition to having a variety of campus resources, we also have a district support team that is available for training and a variety of needs. For additional information please feel free to go to our district websites which provide a variety of information about our programs.