• Greetings! My name is Joan Davis-Findley and I am the counselor here at Heflin.  I am looking forward to working with your students. 

    It is my goal to provide all students the opportunity for optimum development.  Through our guidance program students will learn the skills and attitudes necessary for success.  Activities will be designed to address the needs of all students by helping them acquire knowledge of self and others, in identifying educational/academic goals and establishing career/future plans.
    The guidance program is an integral part of the overall school experience.  It is my deepest hope that this school year will be one filled with promise and success for all students at Heflin Elementary.

Counselor Findley
  • Heflin Counselor Virtual Request Form


    Thank you for your interest in virtual sessions with the school Counselor. When parents request a series of sessions with the counselor, parent consent is required. Kindly fill out the below information if this is what you require. The ethical standards for all counselors are provided below for your information and acknowledgment.

  • What does the Counselor do? 


    Classroom Guidance

    Grade level guidance lessons will be scheduled based on the campus prevention calendar and classroom needs. The lessons will cover a wide range of topics including courtesy, respect, honesty, caring/compassion, responsibility, resiliency, citizenship, cooperation, school pride, etc. These character traits lessons as a part of Alief’s Safe and Civil School Program will be scheduled monthly during the school day. Each lesson will be scheduled for 30 minutes. 


     Small-Group Counseling

    Small groups will be based on students’ needs and will require parental consent for participation. Small group sessions will be based on various topics including test anxiety, friendship, problem-solving, social-emotional concerns, changes in the family structure, loss of a loved one, transitions, and social skills. 


    Individual Counseling: 

    Students can request to speak with the counselor at any time. Staff members, teachers, and parents can also refer students to speak with the counselor.  



    Parents seeking help outside of school services will be provided information regarding available community resources to include our partners CYS (Community Youth Services) Harris County and CIS (Community in Schools).