Elsik HS Mission

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Elsik High School Vision

Elsik High School Vision Logo

    Elsik Vision:  Elsik High School is a school of Excellence, Honor and Spirit.

    Elsik Mission: In an environment that is equitable for all students, Elsik High School is committed to developing college and career ready students, who can create, collaborate, communicate and think critically.

    Motto:  Champions…Leaving a Legacy

    Initiative: LEARN:  Literacy, Engagement, Advanced Academics, Rigor, Never Giving Up (Grit).

    It is through our literacy initiative that we will:

    • Transform to a college/career readiness culture
    • Develop better readers, writers, thinkers and communicators
    • Increase Rigor, Engagement and Discourse in all classes
    • Increase reading and writing in all classes at Elsik
    • Increase collaboration at PLCs
    • Create relevant lesson plans
    • Increase scores on all tests including CCAs, DCAs, EOCs, SAT, ACT , PSAT, and AP scores
    • Increase the number of students applying for colleges
    • Increase the number of students applying for scholarships


    • Campus will close the achievement gap to ensure that all students reach their academic potential.
    • Campus will improve student preparation for college and career.
    • Campus will maintain a safe and orderly environment.
    • Campus will recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified and effective personnel.
    • Campus will continue to build positive relationships with all stakeholders. 


    District Motto:  Preparing Students for Tomorrow - Caring for Them Today

    District and Elsik Philosophy:  Our belief and values are rooted in our Meaningful Work and Meaningful Relationships that we build with all stakeholders.  Our work at Elsik is aligned to our Campus Action Plan (CAP) and our CAP goals which are aligned to all district initiatives and goals.