• What is Action Based Learning? 

    Action Based Learning (ABL) is academic learning using purposeful movement. It utilizes the natural link between the brain and the body to maximize learning. Brain research shows that when kids move, learning improves. Alief has taken this research and is putting it into action through movement in the classroom and in active learning labs. The labs are based upon brain research that supports the link of movement to increased academic performance.  The lab is a series of progressions, each designed to prepare the brain for learning. 

    What does Action Based Learning look like in Alief ISD?

    Campuses implement action based learning in a variety of ways. 

    • Kinesthetic furniture in the classrooms - different seating options that allow more movement for students
    • Action Based Learning labs - physical movement is layered with academic practice to increase academic success and positive behaviors in the classroom. 
    • Brain boosters throughout the school day - research shows that continuous sitting makes the brain sleepy and it is not as prepared to learn
    • Morning activity - using movement to stimulate the brains and get students ready for learning. 

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