• Alief Independent School District proudly serves well over 4,000 students with disabilities each year.  We are dedicated to providing every student with an effective Individualized Education Program in the least restrictive environment.  With innovative and progressive service delivery models, nationally recognized staff, on-going and specialized staff development and expert supervision and support, we are committed to offering not only appropriate educational services, but also services which are the highest in quality.  


    Parenting a student with a disability can be challenging.  In Alief ISD, we are ready and willing to support and partner with our parents to provide academic, behavioral, communication and functional supports for your student.  If you would like someone from the Special Education Department to contact you, simply complete this "Request" form indicating your need and we will contact you directly.   

    Request for Special Ed Contact/Support (English)

    Solicitud para Education Especial Apoyo/Contactar (Spanish)

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    The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is conducting its annual survey of parents of children receiving special education services to learn more about how school districts are engaging families in their child’s education. This year, you were selected to participate.  In the next few days, you will receive information directly from Gibson Consulting on how to access the on-line survey.

    Your responses and your child’s identity are completely confidential! No one at the district will see your answers. Gibson will summarize results across all responding parents before sharing with us.

    The deadline for submitting responses is May 20th, 2022.

    If you need help or have questions, contact Gibson at support@gibsonconsult.com or Gracie Whitley at Region 10 Education Service Center at gracie.whitley@region10.org. To learn more about the survey and see results from past years, visit:



    El Departamento de Educación de Texas (TEA, por sus siglas en inglés) está realizando la encuesta anual para padres de niños que reciben servicios de educación especial a fin de conocer más acerca de la manera en que los distritos escolares están promoviendo la participación de las familias en la educación de sus hijos. Este año, tú fuiste elegido(a) para participar como padre(madre) o tutor(a). En los próximos días, recibirá información directamente de Gibson Consulting sobre cómo acceder a la encuesta en línea.

    ¡Tus respuestas y la identidad de tu hijo(a) son totalmente confidenciales! Nadie en el distrito verá tus respuestas. Gibson resumirá los resultados obtenidos de los padres participantes antes de compartirlos con nosotros.

    La fecha límite para enviar las respuestas es el 20 de mayo del 2022.

    Si necesitas ayuda o si tienes preguntas, comunícate con Gibson a support@gibsonconsult.com o con Gracie Whitley del Centro de Servicios Educativos Región 10 a gracie.whitley@region10.org.
    Para conocer más acerca de la encuesta y ver los resultados de los años anteriores, visita:



    Below are the many learning opportunities we have for families of students with disabilities in Alief ISD this school year.    

    2021-22 Parent Learning Opportunities (English)

    2021-22 Parent Learning Opportunities (Spanish)

    2021-22 Parent Learning Opportunities (Vietnamese)



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