• A child with good attendance feels good about him or herself, makes better grades and is more successful in school.

    It is the parent's legal responsibility to ensure that their child attends school regularly and is on time.

    The State Compulsory Attendance Law requires that:

    • children between the ages of six (6) and eighteen (18) must attend school
    • children enrolled in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten are required to follow the state attendance law
    • children enrolled in school must attend all day, every day, for the entire period of instruction, for the entire school year

    Alief ISD automatically sends parent/guardian absence letters after the 3rd day of absence and the 10 day of absence

    Late arrival to class/early removal from class

    • being on time and attending all day are important habits to develop
    • arriving late or leaving early disrupts and reduces valuable learning time for everyone
    • being late to school or leaving early without valid excuse is counted as a partial day unexcused absence
    • students are considered late to school if not in class by 7:55 am
    • early removal from school must occur before 2:45 pm


    • call the school office each day your child misses school
    • an automated phone call is made to every student's household number every time a student is absent
    • all absences require a written excuse note within three school days after the child returns to school
    • if your child misses five or more school days for illness reasons, the parent may be required to present a doctor's note for the absence to be considered excused
    • medical/dental appointments that require a child to leave early or arrive late should have a doctor note submitted to the school, the absence is then counted as a medical appointment instead of a part of day absence


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