• Focus Topics


    Month of September  

    Relationships, Service and Life Skills

    Month of October

    Perseverance, Humor, and Self-Motivation

    Month of November

    Positive View of Personal Future, Flexibility, and Love of Learning

    Month of December

    Self-Worth, Perceptiveness, Competence, and Independence of Inner Direction

    School Wide Talent Show

    Month of January

    6th Grade –Career Fair

    Month of February

    Preparation for TAKS Testing


    Relationships- Sociability and ability to be a friend, ability to form positive relationships

    Service- Gives of self in service to other have and/or cause

    Life Skills- Uses life skills including good decision-making, assertiveness, and impulse control

    Humor- Has a good sense of humor

    Perceptiveness- Insightful understanding of people and situations

    Independence Inner Direction- Bases choices/decisions on internal evaluation knows how to accomplish their goals-distancing from unhealthy people and situations

    Self-Worth-Feelings of self-worth and self-confidence

    Competence- What we are good at

    Positive View of Personal Future- Expects a positive future

    Flexibility- Can adjust to change can bend as necessary to positively cope with situations

    Love of Learning- Capacity for and connection to learning

    Self-Motivation- Internal initiation and positive motivation from within

    Perseverance- Keeps on despite difficulty, doesn’t give up

    Creativity- Expresses self through artistic endeavor