• The mission of our department is to help school-aged parents complete school while adjusting to their new roles. Participants of PRS (PEP) are eligible to receive support services such as case management, daycare assistance (through NCI), health and nutrition education, Saturday school for credit restoration hours, and linkage to community referrals. Students also have the option (if permitted by their schedule) to participate in the PSAP (Parenting Education for School Age Parents I and II) class for school credit. Lastly, PRS students are eligible to receive Compensatory Education Home Instruction (also known as Homebound) during their prenatal and postpartum confinement periods. For more information about homebound services, please contact your child's campus homebound contact or for specific questions contact Melida Leiva (281) 498-8110, ext. 29018. 

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  • NAME: Nikki Watson, LCSW

    Title: PRS Program Manager

    Phone Number: (281) 498-8110, ext. 27743 or (832) 248-9228 (work cell)




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