• Vision

    The Secondary English Language Arts department will prepare all students for college, career, and global citizenship by developing their ability to

    • independently read and analyze texts
    • think critically about complex ideas
    • articulate ideas with logic and clarity
    • communicate messages effectively in writing.



    The Secondary English Language Arts department is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, equity, and achievement for every student.  We will ensure the implementation of a balanced and cohesive curriculum focused on building a culture of literacy and promoting a love for reading. Our English Language Arts curriculum is aligned with the TEKS, College Readiness Standards, ELPS and researched-based literacy practices.


    Foundational Beliefs

    Teachers matter most to student learning.

    Whoever is doing the reading, writing, and talking is doing the thinking. Learning is a consequence of thinking.  

    To grow as readers, students need to read deeply, have choice in what they read, and actually, just read more. More minutes reading is the best indicator of achievement. 

    Effective feedback occurs during the learning, while there is still time to act on it.

    Talk is the representation of thinking. Classrooms should be filled with talk, given that we want them filled with thinking.

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