Health and Physical Education

  • Alief health and physical education programs strive to provide quality instruction that follows national standards, fulfills state requirements, and teaches students to enjoy being active and living a healthy lifestyle. These programs should encourage children to develop lifelong health and physical activity habits and should be coordinated with all components of a coordinated school health program.

    Alief ISD school programs incorporate the "New Health and PE" model. This new model is more student-friendly and helps students learn how to live healthy and physically active lives by making good choices. 


Contact Information

  • Erica Nieto Harris
    281-498-8110 ext: 29052

    Lester Lightener
    Lead HealthTeacher

    LaShonda Cameron
    Lead High School Physical Education Teacher


    Gerard Maura and ShaWana Means
    Lead Middle School Physical Education Teachers


    Tara Larkins
    Lead Intermediate Physical Education Teacher


    Teresa Smith and Caroline Culver
    Lead Elementary Physical Education Teachers


    Monique Franklin
    Wellness Supervisor
    281-498-8110 ext: 29067


      Alief ISD Wellness Policy

      Alief ISD Wellness Plan