• Dear parents,

    One of our goals, here at ALC, is to help your child make the behavioral changes necessary to enable them to return to his/her home campus and be successful both academically and behaviorally.  Please help us by keeping in touch with your child’s A.P. and teachers.  When the school and home work together, all parties will benefit. 





    Our purpose is to assist students in achieving academic and behavioral goals by providing them information, guidance, services, and outside resources when needed.  While the events and circumstances that precede enrollment in our school are sometimes unpleasant and/or stressful, it is hoped that student experiences in our program will be beneficial.  At ALC our desire is to help the student maximize their success. 

    The Alief Learning Center offers a variety of programs in an attempt to meet needs of the students in the district.  We want to help our students focus their energy on learning.  To accomplish this goal, we need the support of the parents in upholding the rules so that the primary focus can be learning.  We want your child to be successful and we are looking forward to working with them.


    Restorative Circles

    Restorative circles build and repair relationships and foster a healthy community environment. Circles are implemented to repair harm, get to the root of issues and serve as a proactive way of meeting students needs.

    Types of Circles implemented at ALC:

    • Re-entry Circles
    • Social Skills Circles
    • Conflict Resolution Circles


    Alief Learning Center's
    Guidelines for Success in the Hallways

    • No communication (gestures or verbal).
    • Walk to designated class.
    • Follow all directions the first time given without comment.
    • Respect yourselves, peers, and all adults.
    • Walk to the right of the black line.






    All ALC students must be transported either by District Transportation (buses) or by the parent/legal guardian.  Students eligible to ride District transportation must do so.  Non-eligible bus riding students are not allowed to walk home from the ALC, with the exception of students who live within the campus walking zone.  Students not adhering to this policy will be subject to a major loss of points each time they commit the infraction.



    When a student is absent, the parent is requested to call the office to report the absence at (281) 983-8000. Please note that no points are awarded to absent students.  (See Point System on next page)  The only exception is for students that are in court at the time of class.  When these students return, they must present proof of court appearance which also shows the exact time they appeared.  Points will only be awarded for that time frame, not for the full school day.



    ALC Students are allowed only on this campus.  Students may not be on any other Alief campus for any reason without prior written consent and approval of their home campus Assistant Principal.  This rule applies to the formal school day as well to after school functions such as dances and sporting events.  Students in violation risk disciplinary action up to and including tickets and/or fines.


    Point System

    Most students enrolling in the Alief Learning Center will have an established amount of points to achieve in order to complete the program.  This program is based on the penalty administered at their home campus.  Please remember, although the term "days" is used, a student must earn the points to exit.  The point system is as follows:


    Program Days Assigned Required Points to Exit
    Phase-In (Middle School only)










    Per Home Campus Request

    Ranges from 1,500 to 4,500


    Behavior Management

    ALC Students in elementary, middle and high school will receive a daily point sheet.  The point sheet serves as documentation of the students success or failure in earning the maximum amount of points available to them that day.  The point sheet lists expected behaviors as well as possible infractions that the student must govern themselves by.  Failure to do so will result in an immediate loss of points.

     Expected Behaviors

    • Students will adhere to the ALC Dress Code.
    • Students may not communicate with others (verbally or non-verbally) without permission.
    • Students must walk to the right of the hallway, carrying their crate with two hands in front of their body.
    • Students will follow instructions the 1st time given.
    • Students will be respectful to staff and peers.
    • Students may not bring any non-allowed items on campus including but, not limited to: money in excess of $5.00, makeup, candy, pens, backpacks, jewelry, and purses as well as any other item that would be a violation of the law or that would jeopardize the safety of others.