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Welcome to the Library!

  • Welcome to the Cummings Elementary Library! The library is open every day from 7:30-3:30 every school day. Parents are welcome to come to the library to check out books throughout the day. Just check in through the reception desk. Here is some important information about student book check out, lost or damaged books, and parent check out.

    Student Check Out

    This year, students in grades K-4th can check out books during the school day. Students in K-4th can check out 2 books per week. Students can check out books from any section in the library, including books with CDs and magazines.

    Lost/Damaged Books

    Library books are purchased and replaced using a yearly library budget. It is my goal to keep high-quality books in our library. If checked out books are damaged or lost, your child will not be able to check out a book until the book is brought back or paid for.

    If your child has not returned a book, we will send a paper home with your child with the missing book title (and picture of front cover) and the cost of the book. Students are encouraged to look for the lost book before we ask for any money to replace the book. Books can be expensive. I will work with you on the cost of a book.

    Great things are happening in the library!  

    Kristina Butkovich


    Vanessa Gonzalez

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