• Home Access Center (HAC)

    Home Access Registration

    Alief Home Access Center is a website that parents can log into that gives them access to view all schedule, attendance, discipline, classwork, progress reports, report cards, transcripts and test scores for all of their students.  Parents can also sign up to receive email alerts for attendance, discipline, grade book, progress reports and report cards. 

    There are two ways a parent can get access to Home Access Center:

    At the beginning of the year, MIS sent out a letter to all primary guardians and parents who have previously use the parent inquiry system.  This letter contained an internet link to the website as well as the username and password for the parent to log in. Click here to log in.

    Parents and guardians who did not receive a letter and would like access to the Home Access Center can send a note to their campus asking the campus to activate their Home Access Center account.  Please include the following information in the note: first and last name of student, first and last name of parent, address and valid email address. 

    You can use this link to self register your account (click here to Self Register).  You must have an email address to create an account. 

    After your account has been activate by the campus, directions on what to do next will be sent home.

    **If a parent was receiving emails in the past, they will continue to receive those emails and will be able to use their same credentials to log into the Home Access Center.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, click here to download it.