Name (Last, First) Campus/Department Position Disclosure
Alexander, Darrell Personnel Services Executive Director of HR None
Anderson, Tameka Instruction Coordinator of After School Programs None
Armwood, Jackie Pupil Personnel Services Director None
Augustus, Lorena Owens Intermediate Principal None
Baez, Paul Rees Elementary Principal None
Baker, Jennifer Curriculum CTE Director None
Beckley, Pauline Holub Middle School Principal None
Bentley, Bernadette Petrosky Elementary Principal None
Billescas, Nelda Olle Middle School Principal None
Bilton, Bert Killough Middle School Principal None
Black, Samantha Accounting/ Finance Accounting Coordinator None
Breaux, Darlene Board of Trustees Trustee HCDE
Brotherton, Brandi Alief Early College HS Principal None
Butler, Natasha Board of Trustees Asst. Secretary Citgo
Byrd, Jeanette Cummings Elementary Principal None
Caldwell, Sara Kennedy Elementary Principal None
Cantu, Patricia Curriculum SLE Director None
Chambers, HD Alief ISD Superintendent None
Chang, Grace Accounting/ Finance Controller None
Chapman, Angela Boone Elementary Principal None
Cherry, Patrick Instruction Area Superintendent None
Chiboroski, Susan Instruction Fine Arts Facilitator None
Coleman, Amy Mata Intermediate Principal None
Cornell, Gelyn Curriculum Instructional Coordinator None
Creeggan, Kristen Sneed Elementary Principal None
Crow, Kimberly Curriculum CTE Innovation Director None
Curry, Wilton Maintenance Supervisor None
Delisle, Jeff Maintenance Director KME
DiFelice, Kathleen Alexander Elementary Principal None
Dingrando, Patrick Construction & Facilities Director Brooks and Sparks
Dunn, Nancy Purchasing Senior Buyer None
Eichhorn, Craig Public Relations Public Relations Specialist None
Elkhatib, Anitra Nutrition Asst. Director None
Elzy, Tina Elsik High School Principal None
Flavin, Karen Curriculum Instructional Coordinator None
Fulbright, Denise Innovative Academies Dean None
Galindo, Noe Liestman Elementary Principal None
Garcia, Katharine Curriculum ESL Coordinator None
Gaskins, Gretchen Curriculum Instructional Coordinator None
Gonzales, Jessie Maintenance Plumbing Foreman None
Grady, Patricia Curriculum Teacher Induction Coordinator None
Greve-Canales, Renee Best Elementary Principal None
Grigsby- Turner, Tracee Curriculum Professional Development Coordinator None
Guinn, Deborah Payroll Supervisor None
Hayes-Ramirez, Heather Nutrition Director None
Hoke, Janine Instruction Director of Professional Growth None
Hollingsworth, Charla Curriculum Digital Resource Specialist None
Holman, Courtney Klentzman Intermediate Principal None
Hoskins, Anne Curriculum Instructional Coordinator None
Huges-Beston, Tangela Youens Elementary Principal None
Human, Robin Heflin Elementary Principal None
Jacobs, Karen Curriculum Instructional Coordinator None
Jahn, Kathleen Instruction Executive Director None
Jameson, Kathleen S.O.A.R. Program Director None
Jernberg, Jannae Chambers Elementary Principal None
Johnson, Carleen Health Services Health Services Coordinator None
Jones, Delores Public Relations Business and Community Coordinator None
Kesler, Mary Hicks Elementary Principal None
Kessler, Karla Instruction Director of Federal Funds/Grants None
Key, Jennifer Board of Trustees Trustee None
Kim, Samson Center for Adv. Careers Dean None
Lau-Ortiz, Tracy-Chui Public Relations Web Specialist None
Lawrence, Randy Maintenance Multi-Craft Foreman None
Lewis, Vinson Kerr High School Principal None
Lopez, Sergio Alief Middle School Principal None
Lowe, Pamela Curriculum Director of Digital Learning None
Marshall, Courtney Collins Elementary Principal None
Martinez, Natalie Instruction Director of Accountability None
Meza, Scott Maintenance Foreman None
Miller, Lynette Hastings High School Principal None
Moehlig, Scott Athletics Director PBK
Montgomery, Ava Instruction Deputy Superintendent None
Moreno, Rick Board of Trustees Vice President Familystore
Nandlal, Carmilla Mahanay Elementary Principal None
Newby, Sharonda Outley Elementary Principal None
Nguyen, G. "John" Board of Trustees Trustee None
O’Neil, Robert Maintenance Electrical Foreman None
Page, Sue Instruction Area Superintendent None
Praesel, Pat Tax Office Tax Assessor/ Collector None
Price, Gloria Bush Elementary Principal None
Rakestraw, Wally Technology Services Director Layer 3
Reaves, Al MIS Director None
Restrepo, Fabby Purchasing Buyer None
Roberts, Nicole Special Services Director of Special Education None
Robertson, Mindy Alief Learning Center Principal None
Rodriguez, Hilda Support Services Assistant Superintendent None
Rohlfing, Shannon Accounting/ Finance Accounting Supervisor None
Rubio, Claudia Purchasing Buyer None
Saarie, Lisa Chancellor Elementary Principal None
Salazar, Dariela Purchasing Assistant None
Sanchez, Johanna Hearne Elementary Principal None
Sandles, Gwen Youngblood Intermediate Principal None
Saxton, Janie Hastings Ninth Grade Center Principal None
Scholz, Tracy Curriculum Instructional Coordinator None
Schuster, Donna Printing Services Manager None
Sha, Ting-Ling Martin Elementary Principal None
Silva, Jennifer Smith Elementary Principal None
Silva, Susie Purchasing Buyer None
Smith, Kimberly Public Relations Director None
Snyder, Earl Curriculum Instructional Coordinator None
Sprang, Gina Elsik Ninth Grade Center Principal None
Starling, Mary Horn Elementary Principal None
Stein, Tommy Maintenance Foreman None
Stewart, Seymour Miller Intermediate Principal None
Sullivan, Kelley Curriculum Wellness Coordinator None
Tabor, Adam Procurement & Distribution Director None
Tafallo, Gerard Communications Manager None
Terry, Shanceler F.A.C.E. Coordinator None
Toney, Kimberly Holmquist Elementary Principal None
Torres, Richard Transportation Director None
Trent, Nancy Instruction Area Superintendent None
Truong, Lily Board of Trustees Secretary None
Turner, Dan Police and Child Safety Chief of Police None
Turner, Heather Budewig Intermediate Principal None
Upshaw, Kelli Landis Principal None
Velasco, Andrew Central Distribution Manager None
Velasquez, Amador O’Donnell Middle School Principal None
Veloz-Powell, Elizabeth Human Resources Assistant Superintendent None
Walker, Tyra Curriculum Director of Guidance Counseling None
Wall, Ida Risk Management Director None
Webb, Wrandy Maintenance Foreman None
Wentz, Deanna Finance Assistant Superintendent None
Wickliffe, Tremayne Crossroads Principal None
Williams, Ann Board of Trustees President None
Williams, Joann Curriculum Instructional Coordinator None
Williams, Mary Taylor High School Prinicpal None
Woods, Charles Business Services Deputy Superintendent None
Wyatt, Lori Albright Middle School Principal None