Credit by Examination

  • (Examination for Acceleration or Original Course Credit — No Prior Instruction)

    Credit by examination is for students who have an exceptional command of a subject area or grade level content, but no prior formal instruction in the grade level or course for which they are trying to earn credit.  Credit earned through this testing program applies to grade-level acceleration for grades K-8 and original course credit for grades 9-12.

    To earn grade-level credit in grades K-8, the student must score 90% or higher in each of the following areas:  Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and receive the recommendation of their building administrator. Elementary students must still meet the minimum age requirement to attend kindergarten by being 5 years old on or before September 1.  Applicants must have the approval of the principal or counselor to take the CBE.  Approval is based on past and current performance.  

    A K-8 student who wants to accelerate a grade will not be eligible to accelerate the current grade that they are enrolled in. That particular student would actually test for the next grade level because they would not be eligible due to already receiving instruction for their current grade level.