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Wellness & Physical Education

  • At Chambers we are aware of how health education can improve the well-being and health of our students and staff.

    Nutrition is an essential part of the health program.  For example, we invited the Houston Texans mascot, Toro, to teach students about maintaining a healthy diet.

    We ensure a safe campus climate by teaching bullying awareness. Bullying is explained campus-wide according to each grade level. We promote “No Place for Hate” through activities such as: No Place for Hate March, Rachel’s Challenge kindness links and hearts pledge, No Bullying Zone, Thumbprint for No Bullying, Kindness Club and Kindness wall.

    Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle.  Our students participate in various kinesthetic activities including: Go noodle, Playworks and Action Based Learning. We also organize wellness events and raise awareness in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. This includes: The Spring Fitness Jam, Jump Rope for Heart, Go Slow/Whoa kids nutrition wall, and Fuel Up to Play 60 pledge.

    We have an active employee Wellness Committee that meets monthly.  It focuses on Total Wellness (body, mind, and spirit) to contribute to a healthy way of living. The staff wellness bulletin board displays healthy tips and recipes, and gives information about wellness activities in the city. We organized The Biggest Loser Challenge which lasted for a duration of 10 weeks, which included after-school HIIT workout sessions 3 days a week.

    The school nurse supports students by providing health care through assessments, intervention, and check-ups within the school. The school nurse not only provides for the safety and care of students and staff but also addresses the need for integrating health solutions into the education setting.