• What is the SOAR Program?


    The Alief Independent School District SOAR (Special Opportunities for Academic Restoration)program provides an accelerated learning experience in the core courses for credit-deficient students in grades 9-12, affording them the opportunity to graduate in a timely manner. 


    How does the SOAR Program work?


    Students may earn eight or more credits in core courses in one year on an accelerated block schedule, often completing two grade levels of core curriculum classes in one year. Class periods consist of four 90 minute classes daily. The program operates on a regular high school schedule in accordance with the school calendar. Transportation is provided for eligible bus riders and cafeteria and clinic services are available in the building. 


    What kind of student will be successful at SOAR?


    Since the program is designed to focus on academics, students must consistently comply with district and school policies. Those students admitted to the SOAR program are expected to be self-disciplined and maintain mature, controlled behavior. Current SOAR students who are not adhering to the academic, behavior, or attendance expectations of the program are returned to the main campus if the problem does not improve. 

    Due to the nature of the accelerated block schedule and the importance of the student's to ability to maintain the  pace, the students who are most successful in the program are highly motivated, self-directed and independent learners who have a satisfactory reading level and a strong commitment to obtaining a high school diploma. 


    Applications are accepted throughout the year. Interviews are held during the spring semester and summer. Those interested in attending SOAR need to speak with their counselor on main campus. 



    At SOAR, we make Bears, Rams, Lions, Tigers and Knights SOAR like EAGLES!


    Eagle flying in the sky