Hicks Math Mission

  • We believe that math needs to be taught conceptually, beginning with the concrete at all grade levels and that mathematical understanding is deepened when students learn the concepts in the context of problem solving.  To enable students to make sense of math concepts, a wide variety of manipulatives need to be available. Opportunities to explore and discuss mathematical thinking should be an integral part of instruction throughout the grades. After students have developed conceptual understanding about numbers and operations, procedures are introduced. This means that numerical relationships should be developed before we ask students to learn computational algorithms or basic facts. We want our students to be numerically powerful. We want them to be able to develop meaning for numbers and operations, look for relationships among numbers and operations, understand computational strategies, use them appropriately and efficiently, and make sense of numerical situations. We also want our students to develop grade-appropriate conceptual understanding of core ideas in all the strands of mathematics.

    To create students who are both mathematically powerful and competent learners of mathematics, we need a balanced math program that emphasizes number sense and problem solving while teaching the core concepts of all the strands. A balanced math program includes the following elements:

    • Number Sense Activities: Mental Math, Estimation, Number Talks
    • Student-Centered Concept Development: Opportunities for students to discover concepts using hands-on or problem-based learning activities
    • Learning Through Communication: Students explain their thinking and justify their answers
    • Rich Problem Solving Experiences: Students develop and connect their problem solving skills through real-life problem solving experiences

PBS Videos That Support Mathematics

  • Videos such as Peg + Cat, Odd Squad and Curious George often have stories with mathematical themes. They show children how mathematics is used in the real world.


  • Numeracy develops understanding and confidence with numbers and our number system; numeracy is about making sense of numbers and understanding the effect numbers have in the world around us. The websites below range from PK level through 4th grade. You’ll need to explore them to find all the fun activities!

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