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    Degrees and Certifications:

    B.A. in Elementary Education from University of Houston

    M.Ed. in Counseling from University of Houston

    1-8 History 

    1-8 English

    GT, ESL

    EC-12 School Counselor




    I am one of two counselors here at Klentzman Intermediate School.  Together, my counseling partner and I service over 1100 Klentzman students.  I have had the pleasure of working here since Klentzman’s inception, the 1995-96 school year.  It has been a glorious ride from the beginning.  I started here as a first year counselor and have not counseled at any other school but Klentzman.  My counseling history and legacy are both entwined in the lives of the Klentzman students, their families, and the surrounding community.  I have served as counselor for generations of families, and this is an honor that I cherish and value.

    I came to Alief ISD in 1989 as a Language Arts teacher at Olle Middle School.  While there, I found myself counseling many students and often making referrals to our topnotch counselors at Olle.  These awesome individuals became role models for me, and they encouraged me to get my Master’s Degree in Education Psychology.  I left Olle and went to work at Holub Middle School.  I stayed at there until I earned my degree from the University of Houston and began working at Klentzman when it opened in 1995.

    My lifetime goal as an educator has always been to give back to my community, using education as the vehicle.  As a counselor, I constantly strive to do this by helping to give my students the solid emotional and psychological foundation that they will need to become academically successful.  I firmly believe they can and have built on that foundation, as they become productive individuals, who will then in turn, give back to the communities that shaped their lives. 

    In my spare time, I enjoy running, spinning, reading, watching television, going to movies, and spending time with my family.  I also enjoy cheering on the University of Houston Cougars, the school attended by 2 generations of my family and my husband’s family (Go Coogs!). 

    The late great Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.”  This is a truth with which I wholeheartedly concur.


    -Ms. Michel