Alief Learning Center

    Family Engagement Policy


    A representative group of persons, including families, principals, and other staff, joined together to develop this Family Engagement Policy for Alief learning Center.

    Regular communication with families will occur in order to build consistent and effective communication between the home and school. Regular communication will include: 

    • Family and Student Handbook
    • Special event/reminder notices
    • Family-Teacher conferences via Zoom
    • Alief Learning Center website
    • Report cards
    • Phone calls to families regarding absences

    Families will conference via Zoom to learn about school related resources and other vital information related to their student’s success. Through these meetings, they will also understand how student progress is measured and receive feedback about their child's progress.

    Counselor-led Zoom meetings will be held throughout the school year to inform parents about information regarding their children and to provide resources for families. These are opportunities to help families develop strategies to use at home to support their children’s academic efforts and social development.

    Alief Learning Center staff will work in collaboration with parents to address areas in need of improvement.