• Alief has established policy related to mode of dress for the purpose of providing an environment that is free from distractions and which ensures that each student is "dressed for success." Students will receive written warnings when they are out of compliance with the school uniform policy.




    Color: Any Solid Color Top

    Color: Khaki or Navy


    Shirts must have collars and be polo-style or button down.


    Shirts and sweaters must be free of logos or designs. 


    Tops must be the proper size and tucked in at all times.


    Jackets and coats must be appropriately sized.

    Neither jackets nor coats will be worn inside of the school building. 



    Pants must be of the proper size and fitted at the waist.


    Skirts or shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the back of the knee.


    Elastic waistbands are acceptable.


    No sweatpants or cargo pants are permitted.





    On Fridays, students are encouraged to wear their school spirit shirts with uniform bottoms. 

    Students are permitted to wear jeans under special circumstances as communicated by campus administration.