• Deborah Brown Alexander was a fifth grade teacher at Douglas Smith Elementary School in Alief for five years. Her peers said, "Debbie was a master teacher - innovative, dramatic, artistic, intuitive. She had the ability to motivate children, parents, and fellow teachers to do their best and want to do it!"


    Debbie loved life and was not afraid to be an individual. She had a natural sense of humor and found joy in everything she did. She could see the bright side in any situation. Debbie had so many gifts, but was always humble. She made everyone she came in contact with feel special.


    In 1979 it was discovered that Debbie had leukemia. During her illness, her philosophy of life was, "Just love each day to the fullest, totally free of fear, trusting, in God."


    Deborah Brown Alexander died on July 11, 1981 at the age of 29.


    Friends and relatives say, "She loved her teaching. She embraced life with open arms, greeted each new day with a smile, and brought immeasurable joy into the lives of all who knew her. She was an adventurer."


    We at Deborah Brown Alexander Elementary School are proud and honored to bear her name and thus we are known as the...

    Alexander Adventurers!