• Purpose:

    The purpose of the AIMS program is to provide parents with a choice of programs for their gifted students in grades 2-4 (Elementary AIMS) and to provide a rigorous program for 5th and 6th grade identified gifted students (Intermediate AIMS). Research shows that when gifted students are grouped together they excel at a faster pace academically and are more socially well-adjusted.  AIMS classrooms group gifted students into an environment in which content from the four core academic subjects are differentiated to provide the rigor and intensity necessary to meet the academic needs of gifted students. 


    We believe that gifted and talented students have advanced academic abilities and unique social and emotional needs, which are developed to the highest potential through collaboration with the school, family, and community. Students in the AIMS program have a unique opportunity to interact daily with their gifted peers, in and across grade levels, at a rigorous pace, focusing on instructionally motivating and complex studies.

    AIMS Provides Opportunities for:

    • Creative Thinking Skills
    • Research Skills
    • Problem Solving Skills
    • Problem Solving Applications
    • Content Acceleration
    • Guided Discussion Groups
    • Independent Study
    • Mini-courses
    • Instructional Complexity
    • Motivating Study
    • Depth-seeking Exploration


    • Compact basic skills so they are mastered in a shorter period of time.
    • Provide differentiation with respect to pacing, materials, process, product, environment, and assessment.
    • Provide interdisciplinary studies through integrated academic connections and real world problem solving and experiences.
    • Provide opportunities for group and independent research.
    • Provide opportunities to produce and present advanced-level products for a variety of audiences.
    • Work within the application, analysis, evaluation, and creation levels of Blooms Taxonomy.
    • Use technology as a resource and a productivity and communication tool.
    • Provide tools for life-long learning such as:
      • literacy strategies
      • communication skills
      • research skills
      • study skills
      • time management skills

     Elementary AIMS Locations (2nd - 4th grades): 

         Outley Elementary 
         12355 Richmond Avenue 

         Boone Elementary 
         11400 Bissonnet 

    Elementary AIMS Admission Process:

    Each spring, students in grades 1-3 who have been identified as gifted through Alief's screening policy may apply for a spot in Elementary AIMS, grades 2-4. All identified gifted students in grades 5 and 6 are automatically placed in an Intermediate AIMS classroom at their home campus.

    Step 1:
    Identified Gifted & Talented PEP/Quest students currently enrolled in grades 1-3 are eligible to apply for the program. Applications are made available in mid-April of each school year. 

    Step 2:
    All applications received prior to the deadline are entered into a random drawing to fill available spaces in the program. Once students are admitted to the program, they do not need to reapply.

    Step 3:
    Vacancies in the program are filled from the waiting list as they occur. Students are not admitted to the program after the first week in October.

    (Note: Current AIMS students must submit to the campus GT Specialist an Intent to Continue form before the last day of school in the currently enrolled school year or they will lose their spot in the program.)

    Intermediate AIMS Admission Process:

    All previously identified gifted students in grades 5 and 6 are automatically placed in an Intermediate AIMS classroom at their home campus.  Fifth and sixth grade GT students who attend Chancellor, Youens, or AMS are given the option of attending AIMS and will receive a campus request form letter during the spring semester.


    Bus Service is available for Elementary AIMS students who currently reside within the Alief District and reside outside of the Outley/Boone walking zone.  Transportation is also provided for 5th and 6th grade GT students housed at Chancellor, Collins, Youens and AMS who wish to participate in AIMS at Owens Intermediate.

    Bilingual Students:

    The AIMS program is delivered in English, however, identified GT students who are in the Alief Bilingual Program and have achieved either advanced or advanced-high levels may apply for the Elementary AIMS program and are given the option of participating in the Intermediate AIMS program.  Bilingual students who are not in AIMS receive GT services through their regular PEP and Quest programs at their respective home campus.

    Parent Involvement

    We believe that the parents of AIMS students play a vital role in the success of the program.  Parents are asked to:

    • Participate in teacher/student conferences
    • Attend presentations by the AIMS students
    • Volunteer
    • Attend AIMS Parent Night

    Exiting the AIMS Program:

     Recommendations and requests for students to exit the program and return to their home campus are processed at the Central Administration Office.