• Purpose:

    The purpose of the AIMS program is to provide a rigorous program for 5th and 6th grade identified gifted students at all intermediate campuses. Research shows that when gifted students are grouped together they excel at a faster pace academically and are more socially well-adjusted.  AIMS classrooms group gifted students into an environment in which content from the four core academic subjects are differentiated to provide the rigor and intensity necessary to meet the academic needs of gifted students. 


    We believe that gifted and talented students have advanced academic abilities and unique social and emotional needs, which are developed to the highest potential through collaboration with the school, family, and community. Students in the AIMS program have a unique opportunity to interact daily with their gifted peers, in and across grade levels, at a rigorous pace, focusing on instructionally motivating and complex studies.

    AIMS Provides Opportunities for:

    • Creative Thinking Skills
    • Research Skills
    • Problem Solving Skills
    • Problem Solving Applications
    • Content Acceleration
    • Guided Discussion Groups
    • Independent Study
    • Mini-courses
    • Instructional Complexity
    • Motivating Study
    • Depth-seeking Exploration


    • Compact basic skills so they are mastered in a shorter period of time.
    • Provide differentiation with respect to pacing, materials, process, product, environment, and assessment.
    • Provide interdisciplinary studies through integrated academic connections and real world problem solving and experiences.
    • Provide opportunities for group and independent research.
    • Provide opportunities to produce and present advanced-level products for a variety of audiences.
    • Work within the application, analysis, evaluation, and creation levels of Blooms Taxonomy.
    • Use technology as a resource and a productivity and communication tool.
    • Provide tools for life-long learning such as:
      • literacy strategies
      • communication skills
      • research skills
      • study skills
      • time management skills


    Parent Involvement

    We believe that the parents of AIMS students play a vital role in the success of the program.  Parents are asked to:

    • Participate in teacher/student conferences
    • Attend presentations by the AIMS students
    • Volunteer
    • Attend AIMS Parent Night

    Exiting the AIMS Program:

    All 5th and 6th grade G/T students at intermediate campuses participate in the AIMS program at their home campuses.  There is no application process or requirement. Recommendations and requests for students to exit the program are processed at the Central Administration Office.