2020/2021 Battle of the Books

  • Congratulations to the teams that won Alief Battle of the Books competitions during May 2021. The event is a reading incentive program that encourage students to read quality books and then compete with their peers identifying the title and author by questions and phrases. This year’s competition was fantastic because all teams provided challenging battles causing nail biting and tie breaking questions.


    And the Winners are...


    3rd Grade: Martin Elementary - 1st Place / Outley Elementary - 2nd Place
    4th Grade: Liestman Elementary - 1st Place / Rees Elementary - 2nd Place

Liestman Elementary 1st Place 4th Grade

  • Liestman Kids

Rees Elementary - 2nd place 4th Grade

  • Rees Readers

Martin Elementary - 1st place 3rd Grade

  • Martin Battle of the Books

Outley Elementary - 2nd Place 3rd Grade

  • Outley Battle of the Books