Babysitting Guidelines



    Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle School children may be transported to/from a sitter's home in accordance with the following conditions:


    • Students will not be transported to/from a commercial day-care center or place of business.
    • The sitter's home must be within the attendance zone of the student's legal address and the student must be attending the school matching his legal address.
    • The sitter's home must be within reasonable and safe walking distance of a scheduled bus stop. BUS STOPS AND ROUTES WILL NOT BE REVISED FOR THE PURPOSE OF TRANSPORTING A STUDENT TO A SITTER'S HOME.
    • Space must be available on the appropriate bus. If additional seats are needed for students who live on the route, the Transportation Department reserves the right to cancel service of that bus for children riding to/from sitters' addresses. These determinations are solely the responsibility of the Director of Transportation.
    • Service to/from the sitter's home must be used each school day. TRANSPORTATION TO A SITTER IS NOT AVAILABLE ON AN IRREGULAR OR PART-TIME BASIS.  Once babysitting transportation is approved, the student is no longer eligible to ride any other bus.
    • The application processing time is a minimum of three working days after the applications received at transportation.
    • Application for this service must be made ANNUALLY. For service to begin on the first day of any school year, application must be no later than one week prior to the first day of school.
    • Application MUST be signed by one of the school's administrators.
    • The Kindergarten student information form must be submitted with the babysitting application for all kindergarten students. The babysitters name and address must be listed on the release form.
    • There is no babysitting available at the High School level.