Kindergarten Release Guidelines

  • If your kindergarten student will ride a school bus home and you want him/her to be met at the bus stop by you or a guardian, the following items must take place.

    • The parent/guardian must fill out a Kindergarten release form and specify if the student must be met.  Please contact your childs campus for the kindergarten release form.
    • You must return the Kindergarten release form to the school office.
    • The school office will then issue a Bright Green name placard to the parent/guardian.
    • The Bright Green name Placard is the Only Way a parent/guardian can receive their kindergarten child at the bus stop if you checked that you want him/her to be met at the bus stop by you or a guardian. If you did not get a Bright Green Name Placard you should contact your school immediately to get one before the first day.
    • If you or your child's guardian fail to show the Bright Green Placard to the school bus driver the student WILL NOT be released at the bus stop.  The student will be returned to the school where the parent/guardian will have to come and pick him/her up.

    Please make sure to carefully read the entire contents of the NEW Kindergarten release form to familiarize yourself with these guidelines.