Transfer Request


    Elementary/Intermediate & Secondary

    Students shall be assigned to schools in the attendance areas in which they reside. The attendance area is determined by the residence where the minor resides with his or her family. It is the place where the minor has his or her true, fixed, and permanent home and principal establishment and to which, whenever absent, he or she has the intention of returning.

    Parents requesting a transfer for their child from the assigned school to a different school within the district must apply by filling out a transfer form. There are separate forms for elementary and secondary schools.

    All elementary, intermediate, and middle school transfer requests will be approved or denied based on the availability of space at the requested school.

    No transfer request is approved for Pre-Kindergarten


    High School

    Once assigned to a District high school through the random draw process, a student in grade 7 shall be eligible to request a transfer to a different high school through the last day of school of the current school year.

    Reasons for a transfer request include:

    1. An older brother or sister will be in attendance at another high school during the term of attendance of the incoming student.
    2. Brothers or sisters or twins, who are members of the same class, are assigned to the same school or to different schools. The District reserves the right to determine to which school the brothers and sisters will be assigned if such a request for transfer is made.
    3. An older brother, sister, or parent graduated from the other high school.
    4. The custodial parent is currently employed by the District.

    **After an intradistrict transfer student’s initial enrollment in a high school, the student shall be eligible for competitive activities after one year.**