• Early Exit Program Model


    A bilingual program that serves students identified as students of limited English proficiency in both English and Spanish, and transfers students to English-only instruction. Elementary and Intermediate schools are required to offer, in accordance with state law, a bilingual program for English learners in PK though 6th grade whose home language is Spanish is spoken by twenty or more (>20) students in any single grade in the entire school district.


    The Early Exit Bilingual Program:

    • Provides instruction in literacy and academic content areas through the medium of the student’s first language, along with instruction in English oral and academic language development.
    • Non-academic subjects such as art, music, and physical education also may be taught in English.
    • Exiting to an all-English program of instruction will occur not earlier than the end of first grade, or if the student enrolls in school during or after first grade, the student will remain in the program for a minimum of two to five years before being eligible to exit the bilingual program.


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Early Exit Program Framework:

Early Exit Program Goals: