• Cummings Elementary School

    Title I Compact



    Students will:

    • Come to school on time on a regular basis.
    • Take books, materials and assignments home for completion.
    • Bring books, materials and assignments back when they are due.
    • Practice self discipline strategies.
    • Be active learners.
    • Follow the Cummings Guidelines for Success.
    • Make use of planners to learn organization. (Grade 4)
    • Make use of Take-Home Folders to bring home assignments and parent communications. (Grades PK – 4th)


    Teachers will:

    • Keep parents / guardians informed of their child's/children’s progress.
    • Send home “Just-right books” in book bags, in addition to the students’ self-selected library book(s) each week, when library books cannot provide sufficient independent reading practice.
    • Provide a safe, structured environment that allows students to make appropriate choices.
    • Follow the Cummings Guidelines for Success.
    • Develop student responsibility and organization through the use of

         Planners/Take-Home Folders.

    • Provide an opportunity for parents / families to visit the school and share in the learning experiences of their child(ren).
    • Provide a challenging curriculum that addresses individual needs.
    • Schedule two parent conferences each school year.



    • Make sure their child(ren) attend school on time and on a regular basis.
    • Maintain communication with the school and update records as needed.
    • Be responsible for reading and returning materials and school/home communications sent home by the teacher.
    • Participate in school events.
    • Participate in two parent conferences each year.
    • Take an active role in their child(ren)’s education.
    • Read with their child(ren) every day.
    • Help teach their child(ren) responsibility by returning library books and “Just-right books” on time.



    We have read and agree to the responsibilities outlined in the Cummings Elementary School Title I Compact:*


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    Student                                                                        Parent

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