• Petrosky has five emergency procedures:

    • Bad Weather - weather-related incidents such as flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes
    • Shelter-in-Place - emergency environmental or weather-related situation making it necessary to keep all occupants within the school to protect from external conditions
    • Evacuation - a crisis that requires staff and students to leave the building for safety, such as fire, bomb threat.  If necessary, everyone will be bussed to an alternate location. The location will be posted on the front door of the school.
    • Lockdown - major incident or threat to the school based on an internal or external event
    • Reunification - after disasters, families need to pick up children from school. This plan is designed for a safe and orderly release.


    Staff members have been trained in these procedures to help keep everyone safe.  We practice simulated tabletop exercises and campus drills.  

    In the event of an actual emergency, the school doors will be locked.  No student will be released until we are informed by emergency/district officials that the situation has resolved and it is safe to open the doors.

    Parent information concerning school safety:

    • safety measures are in place to help protect students in our cared during the school day
    • speak with your child about school safety. In addition, discuss a safety plan for home.
    • Please make sure to update contact information as it changes.
    • In the event of an emergency, please practice patience. Phones will be busy and lines may be long.
    • Proper photo ID will help expedite release of students.
    • Students will only be released to persons named on their registration cards
    • Families will be notified via our call out system in the event of an actual emergency