• Alief Plumbers

    Plumbing Department

    Our Alief ISD plumbing department maintains the complete plumbing systems of the district. The plumbers have working knowledge of fire sprinkler systems and sewer lift stations. This department services all types of kitchen equipment, both gas and electric, thereby ensuring its safe operation. Plumbing Department also maintains and inspects all types of District Wide natural gas piping system for the safety of Staff and Students

    Plumbing Department consist of: 3-Texas Master License Plumbers with 75 yrs. combined experienced, 3-Texas License Journeyman with 45 yrs. combined experience , 3- Texas License Apprentice with 16 yrs. combined experience , 2- Kitchen Equipment & Appliance service technician with 50 yrs. of combined experience.


  • HVAC Department

    This department is responsible for maintenance and repair of all heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment in the buildings of cooled ISD. Most buildings are cooled by circulating chilled water loops. This is piped to air handling units that heat and cool the buildings. Equipment serviced includes centrifugal chiller, air cooled chiller, freezer, cooler, air handlers, mile boxes, water fountain, exhaust fans, pumps and cooling towers. routine preventive maintenance reduces equipment failure and associated cost the district.


  •  Alief I.S.D Pest control operations employs structural pest control licensed people to maintain all facilities.


    Electrical Department does electrical repairs, as well as routine maintenance throughout the District. A Planned preventive maintenance program for major electrical distribution systems is an ongoing practice.