Zero Tolerance

  • District's ZERO TOLERANCE position on weapons, drugs and alcohol, gang activity, and racial intolerance in the schools.

    The Alief ISD Police Department will enforce all state and federal laws in enforcing ZERO TOLERANCE.

    "By ZERO TOLERANCE we mean that we will be as strict as School Board Policy and state and federal laws allow (up to and including expulsion) if a student comes to school or school event with a weapon. By a weapon, we mean a gun, whether it is loaded or unloaded; a knife, whether it is a pen knife, a pocket knife or a switchblade and whether it is pulled on someone or is simply in a pocket, backpack, locker or vehicle, and any other instrument that is used to injure or to threaten or to attempt to injure another person."

    "By ZERO TOLERANCE, we mean that we will bring the full force of district policy and state law (up to and including expulsion) on any student who brings, sells, or uses drugs or alcohol at school or comes to a school event under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A student who has 'only sipped' a drink, 'only puffed' a marijuana roach or 'only sampled' any type of drug will be dealt with firmly and decisively."

    "By ZERO TOLERANCE, we mean that we will remove a student immediately, and for as long as the law will permit (up to and including expulsion), when there is evidence that the student is involved in any type of gang or group that is intent on terrorizing anyone or ridiculing or mistreating anyone because of their race, their beliefs, the way they dress or a handicapping condition."