• Bullying is against the law

    Statutory Definition
    Section 25.0341 of the Texas Education Code provides the legal definition of bullying as written, verbal, or physical action that physically harms a student or her property or causes a reasonable fear of injury. It further stipulates that the actions is "sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive enough" to create a seriously hostile education environment for the victim.

    Student Code of Conduct
    Under the Texas Education Code, Section 37.001, the student code of conduct in all public schools must "prohibit bullying, harassment and making his lists and ensure that district employees enforce these prohibitions". The statute further defines these as threatening or injuring another student, physically or emotionally, or making lists of targets for serious injury with specific weapons.

    Under Section 25.0341, parents of a bullying victim may request a transfer to another classroom or another campus; once the board of education has satisfactorily verified that the student is, in fact, the victim of bullying, the victim will transfer to the new environment.