• Alief U Continuing Education 2023-2024

    Choose the link below that matches your teaching assignment:

    Alief U Year 3 Continuing Education Coursework - General Education Teachers

    Alief U Continuing Education Coursework - Special Education

    PowerSchool Professional Learning (PSPL)

    Step-by-step directions for using the PSPL system to register for courses

    A video to introduce you to the PSPL system

    Out-of-District Credit Request

    Professional Learning Out-of-District Credit Request Form (you must be logged in to your district Google account to access the form)

    • Preapproval from your appraiser is the beginning of the out-of-district credit request process. Be sure to discuss expectations of what will be learned and how that will translate into changes in practices in your classroom. College and university credit hours do not apply towards the district credit requirement.
    • Complete this form AFTER you have attended the out-of-district learning opportunity and have documentation of attendance. 
    • The Professional Learning Out-of-District Credit Request Form should be submitted within six weeks of your attendance.
    • District credit can only be assigned to training that occurs outside of your contract time. Outside of your contract time is defined as before or after work hours or on any days off. You can’t earn district credits on sick days or during medical leave.
    • The training should be directly related to your teaching assignment.
    • Coaches can only earn 7 hours of district credit for coaching-related training.
    • CPR is not assigned district credit.