• Here are a few things to remember as you plan for summer professional development:

    In the “My Portfolio” section on Eduphoria Workshop you can find all the sessions you have signed up for. We suggest that you check the information about your session the day before the session. Sometimes locations have to change and that information will be up-to-date. The credit type and number of hours can be seen in the session information screen. Check and make sure the session you plan to attend will provide you with the credit type and amount that you need. 

    You can register for or drop sessions up to 24 hours prior to the session. Less than 24 hours before a session the system locks both registration and drop. This system tracks absences. After 5 absences the registration system locks and notifies the Professional Development department. While there are always extenuating circumstances, please only register for sessions you plan on attending and be sure to drop sessions when you cannot attend.

    Participants are expected to be in their seats ready to start learning when the session starts. There is a 10 minute grace period for late arrivals. After 10 minutes you will not be allowed to enter the session as that is a considerable disruption to the participants and instructor

    The facilities are large so be sure to allow yourself enough time to get through the traffic, find a parking spot, and find your session room on time. This summer we will be using Hastings High School North and Taylor as our major summer sites. At Hastings please park in the teacher or student lot off of High Star and do NOT use the Cook parking lot as that is reserved for Hastings staff and visitors to the campus. At Taylor use the teacher or student lot and do NOT park in the lot at the front doors as that is reserved for Taylor staff and visitors. Other remote locations will also be used. Please check the location of your session the night before the session as sometimes locations change at the last minute.

    If people are waiting to attend a session that is full,the seats of those not in attendance will be given away at the time the session starts and no grace period will be extended to late arrivals. 

    Professional Development sessions are "adults only." The environment is not designed to accommodate children and children are not allowed at the Professional Development site. Thank you for keeping this in mind as you participate in workshops.

    Drink and snack machines are not available at all locations so it is best to bring what you need for your personal nutrition needs. 

    Many questions can be answered on our district web page. Check all of the entries in the Resources section below. You might find the answer to your question under the resource called "General Information - Frequently Asked Questions".

    Remember you MUST use Google Chrome to log into your Eduphoria account and you can log in from any computer that can access the Internet.


    A few other reminders about District Professional Development Credit:

    The Annual Clinic of Texas High School Coaches is allowed a maximum of 7 hours of District credit.
    CPR cannot be used for credit towards the District required hours.
    Non-district online sessions cannot be used towards required District hours.
    If you are paid to attend a session - regardless of the day or time - you will not receive District credit. 
    Sessions that happen during your contract hours will not count towards your District required hours. 
    The credit types and hours attached to each session are always listed in the session information. Please read that information carefully to avoid confusion.