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    PL Info Updated October 1, 2021


    Alief ISD Professional Learning Information for 2021-2022

    Professional Learning Calendar Year: March 1, 2021 through February 28, 2022

    District Credit Hours Required for Non-Alief U Professionals: 14 district credit hours - 7 hours from the District SLO Schoology Course; 7 hours from district credit hours - all to be completed by February 28, 2022. Staff members must meet their District credit hours requirement to score Proficient on T-TESS Dimension 4.3. 

    Alief U Year 1: For the 2021-2022 school year, all Alief teachers will take a Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Schoology course based on his/her teaching assignment. The course will begin in the fall and continue until the SLO process is complete. Information about joining the course will be provided by your campus content leaders. We encountered an issue capturing attendance from the Alief U Summer Institute. Without a complete data set, we are unable to identify summer completers and those missing coursework. Teachers in year 1 of induction will not be penalized for a lack of professional development hours for the 2021-2022 school year.

    Campus administrators will be made aware of virtual training options and can assign courses based on observational data.

    Alief U Years 2 and 3: 35 district credit hours – 28 hours from a recommended list by Patricia Grady, Teacher Induction Coordinator; 7 hours from the District SLO Schoology Course – all to be completed by February 28, 2022

    Paraprofessionals: 14 district credit hours – 14 hours earned through comp time, district credit hours, or a combination - all to be completed by February 28, 2022

    District Credit Hours Must be Earned Outside the Workday*. Options for earning district include the following:

    · Content Specific SLO Courses will be required for all Teachers and certain campus staff members. Participation in this course will fulfill 7 of the required District hours. This course will start in the fall after students have returned to the classroom and continue until the SLO monitoring process is complete. This professional learning model follows the TEA T-TESS definition of high-quality professional development which states, "...in high-performing organizations, a culture of ongoing, sustained, and quality professional development is established and threaded throughout the year, rather than one-time professional development sessions held in isolation." Information about registering for this course will be provided by your content leaders. 

    · Alief ISD District credit sessions can be found in Eduphoria (the link to Eduphoria is found in the AliefHUB). Please note that some of the F2F sessions will be at the new Center for Talent Development at 14411 Westheimer Road. Be sure you have the right location before heading out to a F2F session. As in the past, there will be a 10-minute grace period for late arrivals at F2F sessions. 

    · LINCspring is from the Learning Innovation Catalyst (linclearning.com). It is a coaching and professional learning platform that supports blended, project-based, remote, and hybrid learning. For general education staff, in order to earn District credit in LINCspring you must complete all the cycles in the Alief Foundational Playlist. For special education staff, you must complete the number of cycle(s) listed on your job role learning plan. To access the special education professional learning catalog, contact your campus special education department chair/team leader or the special education department. Completion of onboarding and the recommended playlist by January 7, 2022 February 28, 2022 earns teachers and staff seven (7) hours of district professional development credit for the 2021-2022 school year. Click here to access LINC Learning.

    · Outside professional learning sessions (F2F and virtual) occurring outside the workday can earn District credit. The first step in this process is secure Pre-Approval from your Appraiser. Discuss how this learning connects with your T-TESS goals and how the learning will translate into changes in practice to improve learning in your classroom. All out-of-District workshops must be directly related to your current assignment. College and university coursework hours do not apply towards the required District credit hours. Coaches may earn 7 of their required District credit hours for coaching-related training. CPR is not assigned District credit. AFTER you have completed the outside professional development session use the following link to request credit. CREDIT REQUEST FOR OUTSIDE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION. As part of this process, you will be asked to upload your certificate of attendance. After you complete the outside professional development session, you have SIX WEEKS to request credit. Any credit requested more than SIX WEEKS after the PD event will not be approved. Do not use the credit request within Eduphoria or any paper forms used in past years. The ONLY way to obtain credit for outside sessions is to follow these instructions.

    · Campus-led sessions - District credit can earned at all campus led sessions that are entered into Eduphoria for registration and sessions occur outside the workday.

    * Outside the workday is defined as before or after work hours or on any district day off. You may not earn District credit on sick days or during medical leave. 


    For information about how to make online professional learning effective click this link 

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    The goal of the Professional Learning Department is to increase student achievement by providing a rich variety of brain-friendly learning resources for all Alief staff members. Teachers who know more have students who know more. A big part of a teacher's job is to continuously learn and become an even better teacher for even more students.
    Tracee Grigsby-Turner, Ed.D. - Coordinator of Professional Learning
    Tracey Birchard - Professional Learning Specialist and Department Secretary
    Amanda Maceo, M.Ed. - Professional Learning Implementation Strategist
    Holland Poulsen, M.Ed. - Professional Learning Implementation Strategist

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    The Professional Learning Office is located at 14411 Westheimer Road
    To reach the building during office hours call 281-498-8110 x29077.