Printing Services Copyright Policy

  • Copyright release or permission to print must accompany each order every time it is printed if protected by a copyright. When submitting several print requisitions simultaneously (on the same date, covered by the same copyright permission to reprint) one permission may accompany all relevant printing requisitions with appropriate annotation that the one permission is applicable to the other printing requisitions submitted on said date.

    The same guidelines apply to information taken from the Internet. Printed release must accompany Internet material that is part of a printing requisition.

    Note: The adoption of a textbook program does not automatically give permission to print. The purchase of software licenses does not grant the purchaser the right to print. Permission to reprint is covered by the copyright conditions of each document.

    Printing Services will return request(s) that appear to violate copyright law(s).

    Copyright laws require a copyright release or the permission to print. This includes drawings done by hand of cartoon characters that have a copyright on them (Example: Snoopy). Without the proper permission to print, all work protected by copyright laws will be returned un-printed. Due to the confusion in copyright law interpretation, lyrics and music to songs protected by copyright will not be printed.


    Keep in Mind:

    There are some publishers and owners of copyrighted material that limit the number of copies a purchaser can reprint.  Therefore, when copyright permissions limit the number of copies per workbook a copy of the purchase order is required to accompany print request that exceed the amount for one workbook.