Gifted & Talented Services

  • The goal of Alief's gifted program is to meet the diverse needs of gifted learners by providing differentiated instruction and opportunities for students to elaborate, think originally, think flexibly, and produce new ideas as they become self-directed learners who are competent in thinking, research, and communications. Services provided to staff, students, and parents through Alief's Gifted & Talented department are designed to support the goals of this program and the district focus on instruction and learning.

    Continuum of GT Services:




    PEP (Primary Enrichment Program) – Home campus


    Quest Program – Home campus


    Elementary AIMS Program – by application – Boone and Outley


    Intermediate AIMS Program – Home campus; Chancellor, Collins, and Youens (5th only)


    Pre-AP and AP courses

    Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Department of Advanced Academics is to affirm that gifted and talented education in Alief is a high priority and is supported by the goals of the District Improvement Plan (DIP). The process for the full implementation of Alief's Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students includes the following:

    • Consistent implementation of nomination, screening, and identification procedures that fairly represent all populations;
    • Collaboration with content coordinators in the four core academic areas to create curriculum documents that provide a balance between depth, complexity, and pacing as an additional layer to the required TEKS based instruction;
    • Support for campuses in fulfilling their responsibilities as outlined in the district guide and in the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented Students;
    • The understanding that the regular curriculum will not fully meet the unique needs of gifted students and that a differentiated curriculum is necessary to meet the needs of these students.

    Program characteristics:

    • Available to all student populations in the district.
    • Inform parents of opportunities for students.
    • Base program on a strong theoretical foundation focused on the needs of gifted learners.
    • Provide an array of appropriately challenging learning experiences that emphasize content from the four core academic areas for gifted/talented students in grades K-12.
    • Provide a continuum of learning experiences that leads to the development of advanced level products and/or performances.
    • Use curriculum compacting methods for acceleration and mastery.
    • Use differentiation to ensure depth and complexity.
    • Provide opportunities for gifted/talented students to work together as a group, work with other students, and work independently during the school day as well as the entire school year.
    • Meet the social and emotional needs of the GT learner.
    • Provide teachers who have had an initial 30 hours of training in gifted education, plus a 6-hour yearly update that includes professional development in the areas of nature and needs of gifted students, assessment and identification of gifted students, and curriculum and instruction for gifted students.
    • Conduct a yearly program evaluation at the campus and district levels.
  • Gifted and Talented Referrals

    Alief ISD is currently accepting referrals for Gifted and Talented services. If you would like to refer your student for GT testing, please complete the Parent Inventory and Consent to Test form by September 30, 2021 (Gr. 1-11) or November 20, 2021 (Kinder).


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  • List of Campus GT Specialists

    For questions regarding gifted services including GT screening at your child's school, contact the campus GT Specialist. List of Campus GT Specialists

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